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Sound and Music Effects The Body

Sound healing is believed to enable the brain to produce more of these neurotransmitters. PTSD patients often respond to low-pitched or slow music which help bring a state of deeper relaxation to enable the body to regenerate and heal. Sound therapy can also retrain your brain to relax, cooling down your fight or flight response.


How does music heal the body?

The faster the music, the faster the heart will beat; the slower the music, the slower the heart beats, all within a moderate range. As with breathing rates, a lower heartbeat creates less physical tension and stress, calms the mind, and helps the body heal itself. Music is a natural energizer.


How does music affect your health?

Results showed that music increases an antibody that plays an important role in immunity of the mucous system, known as immunoglobulin A, as well as natural killer cell counts, the cells that attack germs and bacteria invading the body.

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